Welcome to iCasting, where we are dedicated to capturing the unique beauty of an individual through lifecasting—capturing a moment in time. We would love to talk you about your ideas, share ours, and ultimately create a one-of-a-kind sculpture of lasting beauty…

Once introduced to lifecasting or bodycasting—we were hooked! The look on a mom or dad’s face when they see the finished sculpture of their baby is priceless. The incredible detail that lifecasting sculptures have is truly amazing. Create a personal lifecasting to cherish to display in your home, or a unique enhancement to your business or office decor. A lifecasting sculpture makes a different and wonderful gift—especially for that hard to find special person who has everything!

Take your time viewing our gallery. Let your imagination take over as you consider all of
the possibilities to use our talents to help you create timeless art that captures a moment
in your own life.

Triedev J kapoor

I love art! All kinds of art. I love the colors, the textures, the shapes, the sheer creativity of
it all. I can’t go without being creative. It is my identity and what I have done my entire life. Personally and professionally. I think being creative is such a wonderful thing to—inspire—encourage—have fun—try out new things—get a new perspective—get caught in the flow and really create something unique.

Life moves so fast and somewhere between work and baths and bedtime, they grow … and you forget. You forget those tiny hands and feet, and the silly faces they would make. And those other precious times with family and special people. My goal is to capture pieces of that for you. Moments in time … your life.